I-Team: Texas DMV Made $3M Last Year Selling Drivers’ Personal Information

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CBS Local – Dallas/Fort Worth:

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles made more than $3 million in 2019 selling drivers’ personal information.

The information sold includes drivers’ names, physical addresses, phone numbers, emails, and vehicle identification information.

The Texas DMV sold the information to more than 2,700 government agencies and private companies, according to DMV records obtained by CBS 11 I-Team.

Some Texas cities bought the DMV data to help track down parking violators.

Likewise, toll companies purchased the information to catch toll violators.

Car dealerships, insurance companies, banks and tow companies bought it to verify vehicle ownership.

Also on list of buyers were school districts, major corporations, and private investigators from across the country.

It is less clear as to why they wanted drivers’ information.

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