‘I make the rules as I go’: Angry passenger shoves two travelers out the way as chaos erupts on American Airlines flight

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An angry passenger was caught shoving two travelers out of the way in a bizarre clip – before accusing one of assault for tapping him on the shoulder.  

Wearing a metallic gold Michael Kors jacket and sunglasses, the flyer caused havoc on the American Airlines flight from Charlotte to Fort Lauderdale as he attempted to squeeze past in the aisle and disembark before other people.

In the rush, he encountered three women – two of whom were standing in the way – who attempted to stop him rushing ahead.

But a raucous scenes unfolded as the passengers sent catty comments back and forth before finally getting off the American Airlines flight.  

The bizarre clip begins with the man shouting: ‘I make the rules as I go.’ One of the women then shouts back: ‘And I’ll break them!’ 

The gold-clad passenger then barges through, knocking two people to the side, in a bid to get closer to the front of the airplane.