I have worked for the royal family for 10 years — they’re not racists

The New York Post:

By Dr. Musharraf Hussein

As a deputy lord lieutenant, I am a personal representative of Her Majesty the Queen in the English county of Nottinghamshire. I am also an Islamic scholar and translator of the Quran. I am intensely proud of my Britishness, my faith, and my South Asian heritage.

In the 10 years I have spent representing the royal family, they have been nothing but respectful of my background. The notion that they are racist is simply out of touch with reality.

This is not to delegitimize Meghan Markle’s experience, or to belittle the inevitable difficulties of someone adapting to royal life — to an existence based on duty, not stardom.

But on many occasions, I, and other members of minority communities, have spent extended periods of time with the royals. If racism was in their DNA, I would have certainly smelt it.

The narrative being eagerly lapped up in parts of the US is that, as the heads of the ex-British empire, the royal family must be the last remaining representatives of colonialism and the ideology that underpins it.

But the royal family is committed to equality through one of the most equal and multicultural institutions in the world: the Commonwealth.

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