Husband of Democrat Katie Hobbs Worked for ‘Gender Support Program’ at a Children’s Hospital

The husband of Democrat Katie Hobbs works at a “gender affirming” children’s hospital and had a 10 year old, transgender-identifying patient. 

The husband of Katie Hobbs, the Democrat gubernatorial candidate in Arizona, is a psychiatrist at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, which takes a gender affirming approach, The Daily Wire reported.

The hospital’s website reads, “Every child has a different way of expressing gender and some may express themselves in ways that are different from what we expect. Many gender expansive children are comfortable with the sex they were assigned at birth.”

It goes on to say “there are times when a child may assert a gender identity that is different from, or not consistent with, the sex they were assigned at birth. They may also say they’re not comfortable with their physical sex characteristics.”

 Hobbs’s husband, Patrick Goodman, is listed on a document as a provider for the hospital’s “gender support program,” which serves “gender diverse” and transgender youth.


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