Hunter Biden’s laptop contained contacts of Google officials, US officials for China policy  

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Hunter Biden’s hard drive contained a deep lineup of contacts for top US officials overseeing US-China relations and at least 10 senior Google executives – raising new questions about whether Joe Biden’s well-connected The son may have taken advantage of his connection for personal gain, Post has learned. Several top-level government officials would have been in a position to help support Hunter Biden’s business aspirations in China during his father’s tenure as vice president from 2008 to 2016. During that period, he infamously tried to capitalize on his family name and connections – often while his father ran sensitive state business. As far as the Google braintrust is concerned, a former Google executive told The Post that Hunter Biden solicited the tech giant’s cash for Chinese ventures, and that many of the company’s bigwigs met Obama during his father’s presidency. -Biden was working for the administration. Among the names and personal cell phone numbers of dozens of government officials and federal employees found in Hunter Biden, the infamous laptop left at a Delaware computer repair shop in April 2019: John Kerry and Max Baucus, who served as secretary of state and US ambassador . For China, respectively, during Biden’s vice president. On calling the number listed on the laptop, the post reached near Carrie’s answering machine. Baucus had a Chinese phone number listed and the Post was unable to reach him.

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