Hunter Biden’s deals ‘served’ China and its military, new documentary claims

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‘Riding the Dragon: The Bidens’ Chinese Secrets’ is narrated by ‘Clinton Cash’ author Peter Schweizer

Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China served the “strategic interests” of the country’s communist government and military — and may have imperiled American national security, claims a new documentary exclusively previewed by The Post.

“Riding the Dragon: The Bidens’ Chinese Secrets” highlights several deals that Hunter Biden was involved in as a board member of the Beijing-based BHR Partners investment firm.

The film also alleges that Hunter was only able to get meetings with Chinese officials — and secure $1 billion in funding — “because of who his father was: vice president of the United States” and then-President Barack Obama’s “point person on US policy towards China.”

The 41-minute documentary is narrated by best-selling writer Peter Schweizer, who authored 2015’s “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich” and has previously written about Hunter’s business dealings in China.


The deals discussed in the film include a 2015 joint venture between BHR and AVIC Auto — a subsidiary of the state-run Aviation Industry Corp. of China (AVIC), which makes aircraft for the Chinese military — to purchase Henniges Automotive, an American auto-parts maker.

Schweizer says that Henniges’ products are considered “dual-use” for both civilian and military purposes.

The film also focuses on BHR’s 2014 investment in the China General Nuclear Power Corp., formerly a state-owned power company.

In December 2016, the FBI busted a China General nuclear engineer, Szuhsiung “Allen” Ho, for conspiring to help China illegally obtain “sensitive nuclear technology” from within the US.

Ho, a naturalized American citizen, pleaded guilty the following year and was sentenced to two years in prison.

Schweizer also says that after Chi Ping Patrick Ho, an executive with CEFC China Energy Co., was busted by the FBI in 2017 for bribing officials in Africa, “one of his first calls” was to James Biden, Joe Biden’s brother.

Last year, James told The New York Times that he believed Ho — who was later convicted by a Manhattan federal jury and sentenced to three years in prison — had been trying to reach Hunter and that he provided his nephew’s contact information.

“Why exactly was he calling Hunter Biden? What sort of help was he expecting?” Schweizer asks.

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