Hunter, 26, targeted with death threats after posing with body of bear – and she wants to kill elephants next

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The Sun:

A HUNTER has claimed she will not stop killing animals despite receiving death threats online and plans to travel the world with her hobby with dreams of hunting elephants. 

Brooke McGee, 26, first began hunting at only three years old and killed her first animal, a whitetail doe, aged six. 

Her dad Craig, 54, passed on his love for hunting to McGee and her siblings after he picked it up himself as a child. 

McGee says that she has received plenty of words of support after posting pictures of her kills from hogs to geese.

She’s even posed with a three-hundred-pound black bear which was her biggest hunt to date when she was only 16 years old. 

The sales manager attracted attention online for the pictures where she poses in camouflage with her gun or bow alongside the animal she’s hunted down. 

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