Hunted by the mafia, Italian author teams up with Israeli artist in graphic memoir

Times of Israel

In new cooperative work ‘I’m Still Alive,’ Roberto Saviano and Israeli Asaf Hanuka depict the author’s life on the run since famously exposing the Camorra crime syndicate

In 2006, Italian authorities informed Roberto Saviano that for his own safety, he’d need to live under police protection for a few weeks. Over 16 years later, the guards are still there.Saviano, a well-known Italian author, screenwriter and journalist, hasn’t committed a crime. On the contrary, his 2006 book “Gomorrah” was a thorough work of investigative journalism exposing the inner workings of the Camorra mafia organization and how it intertwines drug trafficking, racketeering and international finance to hold the entire region of Campania in its grip. The book, which has since been turned into an award-winning film as well as a television series, has earned Saviano accolades from critics — and death threats by mob bosses. Following its publication, Saviano was forced to go into hiding. Accompanied by bodyguards around the clock, he uprooted himself from his family and went on the lam, far from his old stomping grounds and the assassins of the Casalesi clan, one of the Camorra mafia families he’d exposed in the book. Now, Israeli comic book artist Asaf Hanuka has teamed up with the Naples-born writer to lay bare a part of Saviano’s life that’s never been revealed before. Graphic novel-meets-confessional, “I’m Still Alive” is an intimate tale that takes shape through Hanuka’s colorful imagery, illustrating Saviano’s painful and often contradictory existence.

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