Hundreds of silent masked students surround Stanford Law dean for apology to heckled federal judge: ‘Eerie’

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Hundreds of student protesters wearing masks and all-black clothing lined the hallways outside Stanford Law School Dean Jenny Martinez’s classroom after she apologized to U.S. Circuit Court Judge Kyle Duncan for the disruption of his recent speech.

On Monday, Martinez, who teaches constitutional law, arrived to find her whiteboard covered in fliers ridiculing Duncan and defending those who disrupted his speech. The fliers echoed the opinion of student activists and some administrators who claimed hecklers derailing Duncan’s talk was a form of free speech.

After her class ended, protesters, obscuring their faces with masks that said “counter-speech is free speech,” stared at Martinez as she left. The protesters formed a “human corridor” that stretched from the class to the building’s exit and contained nearly a third of the school’s student body, according to students who spoke with the Washington Free Beacon.

Approximately 50 out of the 60 students in Martinez’s class also joined the protest and scowled at those who did not join in.