Hundreds of Ethiopian men queue to join Russia’s fight in Ukraine


A nation friendly to Russia has moved to silence claims that hundreds of men have been lining up to pledge their service to Vladimir Putin in Ukraine.

Hundreds of Ethiopians have been seen queuing outside their local Russian embassy in Ethiopia with the hope of escaping the famished nation to provide support for the invading force in Ukraine.

Reuters reported rumours of a $US2000 payment for those who join up, as well as the possibility of work in Russia after the war.

While none were seen entering the embassy, dozens of men were spotted providing details to security personnel.

Millions across Ethiopia are currently battling civil conflict, as annual inflation sits at around 30 per cent.

The situation in the poverty-stricken African nation has bred desperation among the poorest of the 114 million-strong population, with reports of food shortages at hospitals filtering through regularly.

While Ethiopia maintains a strong relationship with Vladimir Putin’s superpower, its government has remained neutral on the conflict in Ukraine and has moved to refute claims citizens were being recruited for service.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Aboy Ahmed cautioned against the “escalating rhetoric” over his nation’s involvement in the conflict.


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