Hundreds of Chicago Teachers Raped, Sexually Assaulted, Groomed Students in 2022

Hundreds of teachers in Chicago’s public school system raped, sexually assaulted, and groomed students last year.

According to a report released by Chicago Public Schools’ Office of the Inspector General, the 2021-2022 school year saw 772 investigations into teachers for allegedly raping, sexually assaulting, or grooming students.

The office was able to close 600 “adult on student” cases in the past year, and substantiated more than half of the allegations. Despite that, only 16 of the cases have resulted in charges.

Some cases involved taking trips to Las Vegas, Ibiza, London, and the Bahamas for sexual purposes.

While the majority of cases involved high school students, some involved children as young as fourth grade.

One Chicago teacher “groomed and sexually assaulted” a 17-year-old student on three separate occasions.

“She began to think of him as her friend and therapist,” according to the student. The teacher “touched and groped the student while hugging her, touching her thighs and buttocks under the pretext of removing lint from her clothing.”


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