Humiliation! Kamala Harris Greeted In Guatemala With ‘Go Home’ and ‘Trump Won’ Messages

The Floridian Press:

President Trump was also popular in Central America

Vice President Kamala Harris’ much anticipated “foreign policy” trip to Guatemala to meet with leaders there about what can be done to stem the influx of illegal immigrants that are crossing into the U.S. from that country,  got off to a bad start with Air Force 2 having to turn around because of  “technical issue”  and was then being greeted by pro-Trump, anti-Biden Guatemalan protestors.

“It is a technical issue. There are no major safety concerns,” said Symone Sanders, spokeswoman for VP Harris.

Harris shook off the midair scare, telling reporters after she deplaned that “we all said a little prayer, but we’re good.”

But after boarding a new plane and taking the 4 1/2 hour flight to Guatemala, protestors were at the Guatemalan Air Force base waiting for the vice president with open arms and signs. Big signs.

One sign simply stated, “Kamala, TRUMP WON,” another told the vice president that “Guatemala as pro-life,” and another want to her to “go home.”

Harris has been at the focus of ridicule by Republican members of Congress like Florida Rep. Scott Franklin, for not directly addressing the border crisis, even as President Joe Biden appointed her to take full control of addressing the immigration issue along the U.S. southern border with Mexico. Harris has yet to hold a press conference specifically to discuss the ongoing border crisis.

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