Chaos in Manhattan: As a violent mob runs riot again in Washington Square Park, party promoter behind out-of-control raves tells fed-up residents to LEAVE if they don’t like it


The landmark park has been plagued by noisy parties with complaints becoming so bad the NYPD imposed a 10 p.m. curfew two weeks ago that lifted Saturday

On Saturday a walker was beaten and mugged of his phone, two people were knifed in a brawl, and a 77 year-old cook had his head gashed open

The park has been described by the New York Post as ‘ground zero for the city’s descent into crime and chaos’

Regular rave organizer David ‘Shaman’ Ortiz, 28, – who lives in Queens – has since dismissed his critics as ‘Karens and Kevins’ who want to ‘steal joy’

In a recent Instagram story, Ortiz also referred to the NYPD as ‘the biggest gang in New York’

New York’s iconic Washington Square Park has been hit by a fresh wave of crime that saw two people stabbed, an elderly cook attacked, and a man beaten and mugged. The Manhattan park saw two men, one aged 24, stabbed in the early hours of Saturday during a 10-person brawl, according to the New York Post. Around 50 people were dancing in the park – which is surrounded by upmarket homes – at 2:15am when an argument erupted, and spiraled into a stabbing. One of the victims identified themselves to cops as ‘Psycho Wilson’ according to the New York Post, and has been uncooperative. A 21 year-old woman was also shoved to the ground, with all three victims expected to recover. Just two hours before that stabbing, a 43 year-old man filming an argument on his phone had the device snatched out of his hand, with his two attackers then punching him in the face and kicking him. And on Saturday morning, a 77 year-old cook at the nearby Washington Square Diner was shoved into a plate glass window after kicking a troublemaker out.

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