Huh? Good Morning America Calls Ketanji Brown Jackson the ‘First Black Supreme Court Justice’

Good Morning America (GMA) falsely called Ketanji Brown Jackson the “first Black Supreme Court Justice in US History” in titles to videos posted on multiple social media platforms, where the ABC television show has millions of subscribers and followers.

GMA made the untrue statement in the title of a YouTube video to its 4.08 million subscribers, which read: “Ketanji Brown Jackson sworn in as first Black Supreme Court justice in US history.” The same title accompanied the video on GMA’s Twitter account, which has 3.7 million followers. In reality, the late Thurgood Marshall was the first black justice and was succeeded by black Justice Clarence Thomas following his retirement.

GMA did issue a correction to the “erroneous tweet,” after deletion.

The YouTube video had over 10,000 views before the title had been corrected. The comment section is quick to point out Good Morning America’s obvious mistake, while the tweet was up for nearly five hours without a correction before it was deleted. Politico made the same mistake in April, as Breitbart News reported, tweeting: “Ketanji Brown Jackson will likely be confirmed as the first Black Supreme Court justice by the end of this week.”


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