How Trump Would have Done It – Pompeo Explains


In Afghanistan, Biden Admin ‘Failed in the Execution of it’s Own Plan’

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said the Trump administration had a better approach to dealing with Taliban “butchers” and their plan would have led to a more successful withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Pompeo spoke to the Fox Business Network on Monday about U.S. troop drawdown from the country following chaotic scenes in Kabul as the Taliban took the capital city on Sunday.

President Joe Biden defended the withdrawal from Afghanistan in an address on Monday and criticized the Afghan military for the Taliban’s rapid advance through the country.

Pompeo spoke to Fox Business host David Asman about Biden’s speech and said the president “blamed everyone but himself.”

Pompeo argued that the Trump administration had kept the country stable through a “deterrence” model and went on to stress the need to evacuate personnel from Afghanistan.

He also criticized Biden’s decision to send 5,000 troops to the country despite earlier withdrawing forces, a sentiment he repeated on Twitter.

“Obviously, you’re defensive about what happened during the Trump administration but how would you have handled things differently?” Asman said.

“No, I’m not defensive at all,” Pompeo said. “I know precisely how we handle it and I know that we drew down 12,500 people and didn’t have a single American killed by these very same Taliban butchers.”

“We had a model where we’d made clear what our red lines were,” Pompeo went on. “We’d made clear the things we were prepared to do to defend them. We could have executed a plan in a way that would have led to the orderly withdrawal.”

“We would have demanded that the Taliban actually deliver on the conditions that we laid out in the agreement – including the agreement to engage in meaningful power sharing agreement – something that we struggled to get them to do but made clear it was going to be a requirement before we completed our requirement to fully withdraw,” he said.

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