How ‘Trump Trauma’ could hand the Democrats a victory in 2020


There were more red warning flags flapping around the Oval Office last week than on the Atlantic beaches of Florida.

Hurricane Dorian may have given the Sunshine State a miss, but Typhoon Trump is still huffing and puffing to blow his electoral chances out to sea.

Back during the Bubba era, there was something known as “Clinton Fatigue,” occasioned by an endless parade of tawdry scandals, so many it was hard to keep track of them: sex, money, foreign influence and even the occasional mysterious demise or two — not to mention impeachment.

Clinton Fatigue, however, took eight years to fully flower: Trump Trauma has taken less than three. In the daily tweetstorms, the president has come to resemble King Lear, flailing at his enemies among the duplicitous Democrats, perfidious Republicans, arrogant federal judges, the ineffable St. James Comey, the bogus Russia “collusion” investigation and whatever else triggers him in the wee small hours of the morning.

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