How a crew laundered millions in cartel cash across New York City


The sight of the state trooper’s flashing lights was enough to send Shaui Sun into a panic as the Queens man sped down a Georgia highway in a rented SUV.

Sun and his passenger, Darren Hing Li, were nearly 800 miles from their homes in New York City — and hauling more than a quarter-million dollars in drug cash.

The cop pulled over the pair’s GMC Terrain and ordered them to step out, noticing that they were anxious about coming face-to-face with law enforcement.

“Mr. Sun seemed very nervous talking with me. He was unable to stand still and I could see his carotid artery pulsing rapidly in his neck,” the trooper later wrote in a police report. 

The officer searched the men’s SUV and discovered a suitcase and backpack stuffed with 33 bundles of $20 bills, two stacks of $100 bills and a money-counting machine. 

The cop seized the cash — $350,000 in all — during the August 2018 stop. Authorities then cut the men loose — an orchestrated move to apparently cast a wider net for more suspects, according to police and federal officials.


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