Houston police identify suspect wanted in road rage murder of teen after Astros game

Fox26 – Houston:

More than three weeks after a road rage shooting in downtown Houston that left a teen dead, Houston police have identified the suspect.

Gerald Wayne Williams, 34, has now been charged with murder for the July 6 shooting of 17-year-old David Castro who was leaving the Houston Astros game

HPD previously released a sketch and surveillance footage of what’s believed to be Williams’ vehicle.

The short video clips showed a 2011-13, white, 4-door Buick LaCrosse CXL premium package with Venti Ports in the hood, round fog lights, and seven-spoke rims driving on Chartres at Rusk and then at Commerce.

Police say the incident happened around 11 p.m. on July 6 near McCarty Street and East Freeway, though it began on Chartres Street.

David Castro, 17, was one of two passengers in a pickup truck driven by his father, Paul. According to officials, Mr. Castro was driving on Chartres Street when he and the driver of a white Buick exchanged gestures.

“Whatever offense he took to me or my vehicle, was murdering my son and possibly spending the rest of his life in jail, was that worth it?” Mr. Castro asked.

Police say the suspect followed his pickup truck onto the East Freeway and then onto McCarty Street.

That’s where, authorities say, the suspect fired several shots into the truck. The teen in the pickup truck was shot in the head.

Mr. Castro reported he drove to an area near Highway 59 and McGowen Street and called 911. Shortly afterward, David was taken to the hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries.

And after a lengthy search to identify the man responsible for David’s death, his father is still reeling from his son’s death. 

“That’s the face of the man who right now police believe killed my son,” Mr. Castro said. “It just hurts.”

‘It’s impossible to explain the pain of losing your child,” he continued.  “It’s impossible to explain the agony of knowing that night happened and I’m never going to get my son back.”

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