House Republicans to Defense Secretary: Left-Wing Extremism and Politicization Jeopardizing Military’s Legacy


Thirty House Republicans sent a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Wednesday, warning him that creeping left-wing extremism and politicization is jeopardizing the United States military’s status as one of the nation’s most respected institutions.

The letter, led by Rep. Matt Rosendale, Sr. (R-MT), said:

We write to express concern about the growing trend of left-wing extremism and politicization in our armed forces. The military’s long history of standing above politics has made it one of the most respected institutions in America and enabled our armed forces to both defend the Homeland and serve as one of the bulwarks of our constitutional order. That legacy is now in jeopardy.

The lawmakers said that under the guise of reviewing “extremism” within the Department of Defense, “political actors such as Bishop Garrison, the head of the working group tasked with defining extremist views” for the DOD, have been given “broad freedom to both catechize and root out servicemembers who will not affirm far-left doctrines.”

“Your order for a ‘stand-down’ to ideologically assess servicemembers appears to have been connected to these efforts,” they wrote.

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