Horror moment plane’s door springs OPEN mid-air leaving passengers terrified as luggage is sucked out…

THIS is the shocking moment a plane door sprang open mid-air as panicked passengers feared they would be “blown out”.

The pilot of the Russian flight was forced to make an emergency landing in icy -41C conditions as luggage was sucked out of the Antonov AN-26.

Hats belonging to the 25 passengers flew off heads and vanished into the bone-chilling air after the rear door popped open soon after takeoff in one of the world’s coldest regions. 

Footage shows the door wide open on the IrAero Antonov aircraft, which had taken off from Magan in the Siberian region Yakutia bound for Magadan on Russia’s Pacific coast. 

The man filming the nightmare incident is heard swearing in shock at the open door behind him. 

Another video from 112 news outlet showed the terrified passengers in the howling ice-cold wind with the rear door open. 

A male passenger s


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