Homosexuals in Iran are having sex reassignment surgery to avoid execution

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According to reports within Iran, the country has around 4,000 sex reassignment surgeries every year, in an attempt to purge homosexuality from the Islamic Republic.

Life for gay men in Iran continues to be a psychological nightmare. In the Islamic Republic, homosexuality is illegal and punishments usually range anywhere from torture to public executions. The Iranian regime’s treatment of transexuals, however, seems on the surface to be a different matter altogether.. Transsexuality was legalized in Iran in 1987 and the country has the second-highest number of sex reassignment surgeries (SRSs) per year, second only to Thailand. However, in an interview with the British Sun newspaper, Iranian-born activist Shadi Amin claimed that the reason for this high number of SRSs in the country is not as accepting as it may seem on paper. According to Amin, the Iranian government gives gay men the choice to go through the surgery in place of being tortured or executed. Amin said that “they would rather carry out mass surgeries than executions because they know the world is watching them.” In Iran, the regime believes that homosexuality is a disease that needs to be treated like any other, typically by physically changing a person’s sex.


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