Homeless sleep inches apart on shelter stairs after subway clearings

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This is what Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “historic” success in clearing out the homeless from the subways looks like. The photo above was taken at the Bellevue Men’s Shelter on Tuesday night, hours after the mayor touted his office’s ability to get the homeless off the streets and into shelters, where they’re “accepting help.” It turns out that “help” includes maskless men curling up in close proximity on a staircase or on the floor, mere inches from others amid a global pandemic, on makeshift cardboard “beds.” “They’re forcing these guys off the train to go here and staff at the single men’s intake is overrun and these guys won’t get a bed in a lot of cases so they’re forced to sleep on the stairs and such, which causes tension and unrest from being so close,” fumed a Department of Homeless Services police officer.


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