Homeless career criminal is charged with murder of advertising creative who he followed into her Manhattan apartment: Locals hold vigil outside her Chinatown building and say they warned cops about vagrants  

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Assmad Nash, 25, was charged with burglary and murder

Christina Yuna Lee, 35 was coming home from a club when she was attacked

Nash has been arrested seven times since 2017

He has three open cases in Manhattan Criminal Court

A vagrant with a lengthy rap sheet was charged Monday with murder and burglary in the fatal stabbing of advertising creative Christina Yuna Lee, whom he followed into her Manhattan apartment after she came home from a night out. Assamad Nash, 25, has three additional open criminal cases, one for assaulting a man in a subway station, as resident’s near the victim’s building in Chinatown held a rally Monday to decry violence against the Asian community. Lee, 35, was coming home Sunday morning about 4:30 from a night out at a club when Nash spotted her getting out of an Uber, her landlord Brian Chin said. Security video captured Nash creeping into the building behind Lee, who didn’t notice her stalker. Nash hung back as the digital producer climbed the six flights to her apartment, Chin said, climbing up one floor below as she went. He rushed her as she unlocked her apartment door and entered her apartment, police said. The career criminal has three additional open cases, including one for assaulting a man in a subway station Neighbors were awakened Sunday morning to Lee’s blood-curdling screams of ‘Please, help me. Call 911.’ Star Fitz, 21, who lives down the hall said she immediately called police, who arrived instantly. By then Nash had barricaded himself in the apartment with the fatally wounded Lee, who lay bleeding to death in the bathtub as police were forced to saw their way into the unit. According to reports, it took police 90 minutes to finally enter the apartment. They found Nash hiding under the bed, the New York Post reported. Nash, a homeless career criminal, had been out on bail following several outstanding offences, including an assault case in September and criminal mischief arrest in early January. He was due in court on March 3.

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