British Home Office urged to investigate treatment of asylum seekers in Glasgow in wake of yet another stabbing

The Guardian:

JUST IN – Another Glasgow Stabbing

The Scottish government has told the Home Office it expects a “thorough investigation” into the treatment of asylum seekers in Glasgow during the coronavirus lockdown, after a Sudanese man stabbed six people including a police officer at a city centre hotel before being shot dead by police.

The warning came as outreach agencies demanded immediate practical support for those asylum seekers worst affected by Friday’s events, and after claims emerged that staff at the Park Inn hotel were told of concerns about 28-year-old Badreddin Abedlla Adam’s mental health the night before he carried out his attack.

On Sunday, local charities appealed for food, phones and phone chargers, as well as men’s and women’s clothing for distressed Park Inn residents who were moved late on Friday night to another hotel but have been unable to access their possessions since because the building remains a crime scene.

The Park Inn was one of six hotels in Glasgow where an estimated 380 asylum seekers were moved en masse from their individual accommodation by the private housing provider Mears at the start of the lockdown, and is thought to have been the only one to house women.

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