Hollywood’s Socialism Boom: Emboldened Leftists Agitate for Radical Change

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The Hollywood Reporter:

With supporters ranging from assistants to power players like Adam McKay, the industry’s Democratic Socialists are demanding a fair share for workers (but aren’t necessarily coming for your house in the hills).

The chants are beginning in front of the Chateau Marmont.

It’s the evening of June 25 and masked protesters are marching on the sidewalk outside the legendary Hollywood hangout, which has been under fire for more than a year over escalating allegations of labor mistreatment, including racial discrimination, sexual harassment and mass layoffs at the onset of the pandemic.

While a handful of A-listers have registered public disapproval (Jane Fonda recorded a video and Alfonso Cuarón signed a boycotting petition) it’s the industry’s proletariat — assistants, young writers, on-the-make directors and below-the-line crew — who make up a substantial cross-section of the crowd of nearly 100 picketing the Chateau this Friday evening.

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