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By Steven Travers

Cliches are repeated over and over again because they are rooted in truth. “What goes around . . . comes around . . . Karma . . . Those who do not remember the past are condemned to re-live it . . . History does not repeat itself . . . it rhymes . . .”

This is not merely a universal experience of all people of all races and ages, but attaches itself to a larger philosophical meaning involving good and evil, God and the devil, of man’s innate sins, his desire for revenge, and the truth which holds that man’s nature doers not change. It is not correctable or perfectible, despite what Socrates, Plato or Barack Obama may have said of it.

According to the Left, the history of man basically involves one overriding concept, that being one in which the White Man has oppressed people of color, in particular the Black Man. While this is too simplistic a concept to accept wholesale, too “black and white” for lack of a better term, there are some truthful aspects to it. During the Spanish Inquisition, Europeans terrorized native Indians. During the slave trade, the White Man terrorized the Black Man. Colonization during the Industrial Revolution meant much oppression and exploitation of indigenous peoples.

Of course, the oppressed peoples benefited too; or at least sometimes their ancestors benefited. What Mexican would renounce his Christian faith just because it was forced upon his tribe 500 years ago? What African-American would prefer to live in a hut in a village without running water, or for that matter what African would not like roads and schools and hospitals built by white men?

Liberalism has a problem, which is that as much as they direct hatred toward the white race, it is probably not an exaggeration to say that 80 or 90 percent of all the greatest accomplishments of people on the Earth were achieved by white men who either did not care about blacks, or outright disliked them, yet the descendants of those blacks hugely benefit from said accomplishments. Michael Savage, to the consternation of his critics, annually it seems devotes a program to a listing of the world’s greatest achievements, almost all by white men.

This is all just plain fact, and as Casey Stengel once said, “You can look it up.”

There are exceptions, yes. The Asians made tremendous in-roads in science and medicine. Egyptians, Mayans and Aztecs were almost super-human architects and astronomers. A black man is said to have invented blood transference. But there are anomalies to this query, such as the near-fact that the people of Asia Minor, once inventors of important medical tinctures, once converted to Islam saw their entrepreneurial discoveries nearly dry up.

But beyond a lot of historical polemics, let us confine ourselves to the American Centuries, the 20th and the 21st. Let us further drill down to three essential complaints of the Left: Nazi Germany, the Jim Crow South, and the Blacklist.

According to the Left, all three are related and provide a blanket accusation of immorality, even criminality, to the White Man, who when identified with these three 20th Century movements, is universally condemned by modern liberalism, associated with all three. Let us pick that apart using logic and history.

Modern Republicans, conservatives and especially Donald Trump voters are gleefully lumped in with the Nazis by everybody from the Democrats to academia to the public schools to Hollywood to the mainstream media and wherever their long tentacles extend. Talk about the Big Lie, which is of course what Joseph Goebbels said, but what the Left says Donald Trump utters! First, rural Americans who most likely were not fans of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal were largely the ones storming the beaches so Nazi Germany would lose. Their commanders were mostly Republicans. Beyond that, Naziism is not the right or even the “far right.” It was big government, “cradle to grave” Socialism, the very anathema of the right, who prefer “rugged individualism” and small government that stays off people’s backs . . . the high opposite of Adolf Hitler or, for that matter, the Jim Crow South in which Governor George Wallace used . . . . big government, to trample on the rights of African-American citizens.

Which brings us to Jim Crow; all Democrats all the time. Dinesh D’Souza once offered a large reward to anybody who could find a Republican slaveholder. Either no Republican slaveholders could be found on the crust of the Earth, as no “Republican Nazis” could, either, or if there were there were so few that, for all practical purposes, there were not any. If you want Nazis in America, please search under: Kennedy, Joseph P.

You have to hand it to the Left, though, they have the dumb and the dumber convinced Jim Crow was all Republican, and their modern progeny all “evil white men,” notwithstanding that Republicans like Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan successfully husbanded the American South into the mainstream of U.S. politics. The result? Southern cities are the safest and most-thriving. According to the Wall Street Journal, African-Americans vote for it with their feet; more move from the liberal north to the Republican South than any other region. If America were racist, millions of Latin Americans would not do anything they can to be here, just as thousands of Chinese did the same in the 19th Century. For that matter, let’s just face facts: America is where slavery came to die! But the Left controls the narrative, so impressionable schoolchildren are taught to hate themselves, believing all those Democrat slaveholders and Jim Crow Southerners were conservative, small government whites in the GOP. In the mean time they are most assuredly not told that the purpose of Planned Parenthood, formed in conjunction with the KKK by Margaret Sanger, was to kill blacks before they could be born, or that failing black schools in Democrat-run cities are modern plantations if not outright concentration camps meant to pump out the Democrat vote in the endless, nonsensical lie that the Left will provide for their needs.

Next, the Blacklist. In this regard the “bad guys” are indeed white Republicans, for the most part an accurate description of J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI when they were looking into Communists in Hollywood and government, and later harassing the Black Panthers. But quickly, some facts, much of it courtesy of the Venona Papers, unearthed after the fall of the Soviet Union around 1991. Venona verified that most (not all, most) of those convicted, spied upon and identified were in fact actual Communists! Hollywood can make all the movies they want about Dalton Trumbo, but the man was a card-carrying Communist. Alger Hiss and a large number of Democrats in Roosevelt’s Oval Office were spies for the Kremlin.

What was the difference between the Communists or the Nazis? Only about 113 million murdered human beings. The Nazis killed 12 million in the camps, about 5 million of whom were Jews. The Communists to date have killed upwards of 125 million people (at least 5 million of whom were Jewish), the last million or so courtesy of the Chinese Communist virus (add that to Mao Tse-tung’s 70 million). While Dalton Trumbo or Harry Belafonte or Paul Robeson did not know this around, say, 1947, they certainly did know (despite the Pulitzer Prize work of the New York Times’ Walter Duranty) that Joseph Stalin had killed around 25 million to that point, yet they still attended meetings and sometimes openly advocated for Communism or Socialism or whatever claptrap they advocated. Had they just as openly cheered on the Nazis they would have been rightly marginalized if not imprisoned. For reasons I cannot understand other than to acknowledge that on this Earth there is a malevolent spirit called Satan, they and millions like them have for decades since advocated for it and been rewarded with high-paying jobs at universities, think tanks, the media, and the “deep state” of the U.S. government. Some have made it to the White House and the directorship of Central Intelligence.

So where are we going with all of this. As mentioned, what goes around comes around, and man’s nature has not changed since the Garden of Eden. The above describes a listing of sins the Left attributes to the right, but beginning in the 1960s the power structure began to shift. If America was largely run by wealthy, conservative-leaning white men, by the 21st Century, through intimidation, blackmail, and sheer audacity, our institutions are now largely run by liberals. They remain mostly white, but ally themselves with the blacks by bowing down at their feet, begging them not to hate them for the sins people who looked like them once committed against people who looked like them.

Immoral as all this is, any student of political science will acknowledge it is effective. Since revenge remains a popular trait of man (and the devil), what we are seeing today is played out in protest marches, the burning of our cities, the desecration of statues, rampant crime wherever Democrat district attorneys rear their ugly heads, in the theme of the media, of entertainment and the culture, in our schools and universities. It appears in the smearing of any white conservative (or black conservative, for that matter) with the most vicious character assassination. Their lies and its psychological affect is called transference, resulting in a wholesale list of failures and crimes committed by the Democrats but attributed to the Republicans.

The Left has infiltrated our military, our intelligence organizations, our justice system, our police departments, and many other organs of society. They use their new power to oppress and often criminalize the right, while never pointing the finger of justice at themselves. Without trying to sound like the Church Lady, it is my opinion that many rise to power doing deals with the devil, and a coterie of acolytes use these positions in an out of government, a kind of “hidden hand” that remains amorphous, protected somehow from such things as the Durham Report or for that matter the obvious facts witnessed by the decent, who have eyeballs to witness such injustice.

Since Watergate, Republicans have faced a hostile media and the result is they are like black baseball players of the 1950s. They must remain above approach and their performance must be superior, the political version of the seven African-American Most Valuable Players in the immediate years after Jackie Robinson broke the “color line.”

Is their good news? Sure. As long as the right remains Christian-majority and do their best to be on His side, they will be smarter, more diligent, wiser and harder-working than their opponents, who have come to simply rely on a friendly media to do their work for them, no matter how unbelieved they are.

But it will be a long, hard lifelong slog not fit for the weak or wavering.

Steven Travers is a former screenwriter who has authored over 30 books including the upcoming Best Sports Writing Ever. He is a USC graduate and attorney with a PhD who taught at USC, played professional baseball, worked in politics, served in the Army, and was a sports agent before finding his calling as a writer. He has written for the San Francisco Examiner, L.A. Times, StreetZebra, Gentry magazine, and MichaelSavage.com. He lives in California and has one daughter, Elizabeth. He can be reached at USCSTEVE1@aol.com or on Twitter @STWRITES.