Historic resource or symbol of hatred?

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Jerusalem Post:

Swastikas in US military cemetery cause outrage

The swastikas, as well as an inscription honoring Adolf Hitler, appears on the tombstones of German POWs who died while in American custody. Is it time to change them?

Ahead of Memorial Day, a public debate erupted over three tombstones honoring fallen soldiers, two at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in Texas and one at Fort Douglas Post Cemetery in Utah. These three soldiers were German POW’s who died in US custody and their tombstones are marked with the Nazi swastikas as well as an inscription honoring Adolf Hitler. “He died far from his home for the Führer, people and fatherland,” it says, right next to an engraved Iron Cross.  

Military times reported that in the 1940’s, US Army officials approved these tombstones, which is why Veterans Affairs refuses to change them now, citing its responsibility to honor history.  

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