Hillary Clinton Promotes January 6 Committee Primetime Hearing


Two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton promoted the January 6 hearing Thursday amid media concerns that few will actually watch the primetime airing.

“Just one great reason to watch today’s January 6 hearing?” Hillary asked. “MAGA Republicans Desperately Don’t Want You to.”

Clinton was not the only celebrity to promote the hearing. Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, also promoted the hearing.

“I am SO ready for accountability for the violent insurrection against our government & the coup incited by Drumpf & his minions,” he said. “Will YOU be watching the @January6thCmte ?” he asked. 

The promotion of the hearing comes as many media outlets highly touted the event, which conveys a concern that the hearing will be mostly ignored amid 40-year-high inflation, record-breaking gas prices, and supply chain woes.

Politico questioned how successful the hearing will be. “Will the Democrats succeed? Will they go too far?” the publication asked before telling its readers that the hearing “deserve[s] our advance scrutiny for the new ground they appear to be breaking.”


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