Hillary Clinton cries as she reads would-be victory speech from 2016

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Washington Examiner

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton choked up in a video released Wednesday as she read portions of the speech she would have given had she won the 2016 election. The video of her speech comes from her new talk on the power of resilience for MasterClass, a streaming platform featuring stories from people sharing what they have learned with others. Clinton says in the video that she has never shared her speech with anyone or even read it out loud. However, she says her speech helps to encapsulate who she is and what she believes in, according to TODAY . “Fundamentally, this election challenged us to decide what it means to be an American in the 21st century,” her victory speech read. “And for reaching for a unity, decency, and what President Lincoln called ‘the better angels of our nature.’ We met that challenge.” Clinton begins to tear up when talking about her mother. She says if she could time travel, she would tell her mother that her daughter, as hard to imagine as it might sound, would become the president of the United States. Clinton’s speech did not specifically mention former President Donald Trump, though she does say that every American has a role to play in “our great American story,” including those who either voted for other candidates or did not vote at all. “I am as sure of this as anything I have ever known: America is the greatest country in the world,” Clinton reads as she struggles to speak. “And from tonight going forward, together, we will make America even greater than it has ever been, for each and every one of us.” Her full speech will be made available in MasterClass when it is released on Thursday. She hopes the lessons contained in it “will help you chart your own path with passion and purpose,” she writes on social media.

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