Highland Park parade shooting suspect Robert Crimo posted pics of his ‘teen sex doll’ online

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The Highland Park shooting suspect posted disturbing images of a “teenage” sex doll and spouted racist and anti-Semitic remarks just days before the shooting in a private online forum.

Robert “Bobby” Crimo III posted on the forum Documenting Reality under the moniker Awake47 and documented his creepy relationship with a doll he called “Sophie.”

One of the photos posted by Crimo in June 2020 shows the doll sitting in the front passenger’s seat of his Acura 30CL with the seatbelt fastened

The Acura had a “Pu–y Magnet” sticker on the rear windshield, at least four teddy bears in the back seat and a Donald Trump bobblehead affixed to the rear dash of the vehicle.

Another one of the images posted by Crimo was entitled “Sophie Killed Herself” and portrayed the doll in a mock suicide by hanging in his closet.

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