HIDDEN HOTSPOTS Shocking map reveals small rural towns have been hit with some of the most deadly coronavirus outbreaks

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The Sun:

SMALL town and rural American have been some of the areas hardest hit by the coronavirus, a new map reveals.

While New York and other big cities have been cited as the epicentres of the pandemic, researchers have drilled down into the data to reveal hidden hotspots.

The  team from the University of Chicago revealed significant clusters in parts of Georgia, Arkansas and Mississippi, among other areas.

But while they maybe numerically smaller, researchers believe they could be disproportionately hit by Covid-19 given their ageing population and poor healthcare facilities, Scientific American reports.

The group compiled data on both state and county levels, looking at each area’s confirmed cases, deaths and number of cases weighted by population size.

They used that to produce an eye-opening interactive county level map that shows up red clusters in areas such as Arkansas, Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina and others.

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