‘Hi, goodnight everyone’: Confused John Fetterman implodes in debate with Dr. Oz as even CNN and liberal commentators admit ‘painful spectacle’ shows he has not recovered from stroke

John Fetterman’s debate performance on Tuesday night was greeted with dismay by many of his sympathizers – with a CNN panel widely panning the Democrat hopeful.   

Separately, Chris Cuomo said he ‘struggled’ and Barack Obama‘s former senior adviser saying Fetterman ‘did not help’ his cause. 

‘Hi, goodnight everyone,’ Democratic populist Fetterman opened the night’s highly anticipated match-up.

Fetterman, 53, is suffering some lingering speech and auditory impediments from a stroke he suffered in May.

In advance of the debate – the only one for the Pennsylvania Senate race – Fetterman’s campaign had tempered expectations, saying there would be ‘awkward pauses’ and ‘delays and errors,’ because the Democrat would be reading closed captioning due to his auditory processing issue. 

He’s being challenged by TV doctor Mehmet Oz, hoping to claim outgoing GOP Senator Pat Toomey’s seat for the Republicans on November 8. 

Fetterman at times struggled to get through his hour-long debate with Oz, with his delivery often halting and choppy.

His celebrity rival, meanwhile, turned on the charm he had honed over 13 seasons of his show, and attacked Fetterman for being ‘extreme.’ The pauses and stumbles happened throughout the debate. 


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