Hezbollah leader threatens to escalate his group’s fighting in ‘holy war,’ says US will have to ‘pay dearly’

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Hezbollah’s chief has warned of a further escalation on Israel’s border with Lebanon and said Hamas’s war with the Jewish state is ‘now on more than one front’.

The powerful group’s leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah praised the Alaqsa Flood – the name used by Hamas for its vicious assault last month – and said the ‘glorious jihadi operation’ had led to an ‘earthquake’ in the Jewish state, revealed the weakness of Israel and its army, and established a new historical phase in the battle.

Any escalation, he said, depends on the events in Gaza and Israel’s actions. ‘We will not be limited to this,’ he said, suggesting an escalation was possible, while also telling the US that his Iran-backed group was ready to face its warships.

‘Your fleet in the Mediterranean do not scare us… We are ready to face the fleet you threaten us with,’ Nasrallah said, addressing the US. ‘Whoever wants to prevent a regional war must quickly stop the aggression on Gaza.’

The United States ‘impedes a ceasefire and the end of the aggression’, he added.

It was the leader’s first speech since the October 7 massacre, and raised fears his terror group is set to enter the conflict and spark a wider war in the Middle East.


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