Hero Queens pizzeria owner, dad stabbed repeatedly trying to stop robbery


A heroic pizzeria owner and his father are fighting for their lives after being stabbed multiple times when they jumped in to stop a 61-year-old woman from being robbed outside their Queens restaurant, relatives and police told The Post on Tuesday.

Louie Suljovic, a 38-year-old military veteran, was working behind the counter of his Elmhurst pizzeria, Louie’s, when he and his father, Cazim Suljovic, saw the elderly woman being robbed by two men Saturday night.

Without hesitation, Suljovic and his 68-year-old father jumped in to help — but ended up being stabbed and struck with an unidentified object, cops said.

The father was stabbed nine times and both he and his son suffered punctured lungs in the attack, according to prosecutors and a relative.

The woman was also stabbed by one of the assailants, noticing a knife wound to her back after the robbery, it was revealed in Queens Criminal Court on Tuesday night.

“Cazim is in a serious situation … Louie is improving, he’s hanging in there and I believe he’s going to be okay,” said Cazim’s cousin, Remzija.  


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