Heavily armed man posing as National Guardsman caught by real soldiers, L.A. cops say

Sacramento Bee:

A heavily armed California man dressed like a National Guard soldier was arrested outside Los Angeles City Hall on Tuesday morning and has been booked on charges of impersonating a Guard member, media outlets report.

State and city officials called in the National Guard on May 30 to help maintain order during ongoing protests over the death of George Floyd, according to ABC 7.

Gregory Wong, 31, was arrested at around 1:30 a.m., after catching the attention of real National Guard soldiers who noticed something was off about his uniform, police told NBC 4.

Wong was booked on suspicion of manufacturing or possession of an illegal assault weapon, according to the outlet. Wong is from Northern California but recently moved to Los Angeles, according to KFBK.

Authorities don’t know what Wong’s intentions were, FOX 11 reported. He was carrying a rifle, a pistol and spare ammunition, the station said.

Hundreds flocked to the area later in the day to demonstrate and were joined by LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, the outlet reported.

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