Hawkins: Bloomberg Uses Gun Control Failure to Push More Gun Control

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Democrat presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg is running ads that use incidents in which gun control failed to bolster calls for mandating more gun control.

The ads do not mention gun control failures, rather, they simply point to incidents in which guns were used criminally and point to the resulting harm as justification for more gun laws.

For example, Bloomberg is running an ad that uses the April 16, 2007, Virginia Tech attack to push more gun control now. The ad mentions the fact that 32 innocents were killed in the firearm-based attack but says nothing about the fact that the attack occurred in a gun-free zone. In other words, that attack occurred in an area with 100 percent gun control.

Moreover, the ad says nothing about the fact that the attacker used handguns, not an “assault weapon.” And the ad does not inform viewers that the attacker passed a background check to acquire the guns.

None of these failures are evident in Bloomberg’s ad. Instead, the focus is on how much gun control would supposedly make us safer:

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