Harvey Weinstein Attorney Questions Accuser’s Psychiatric History; Private Photos Of Weinstein Shown To Jury

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The defense team for accused rapist Harvey Weinstein on Tuesday questioned accuser Jessica Mann about her psychiatric and emotional history, eliciting responses indicating that Mann had been diagnosed with panic disorder and disassociation, had previously engaged in self-injury and suicidal ideation, and was tested, but did not complete, an examination for borderline personality disorder. Asked whether she had experienced “disassociation’ or “loss of touch” with reality, Mann said, “I never lost touch with reality. I do disconnect.” The testimony came in the final minutes of Mann’s cross-examination this afternoon by Weinstein’s team during his trial in New York Supreme Court in Manhattan. At one point, when defense attorney Donna Rotunno asked Mann whether she’d experienced “paranoid thinking,” Mann said, “During the course of waiting for this trial a little bit.”


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