Harvard virtue-signals: DoJ brief finds that 45% of its black and Latino admissions got in on race

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Imagine being a talented black or Latino applicant who got into Harvard University. Now there’s news that 45% of the blacks and Latinos have been found to have been admitted on race over merit, according to a new Justice department brief, which credibly argues that Harvard engaged in illegal “race-balancing.” According to J. Christian Adams at PJMedia: Almost half of all blacks and Hispanics who attend Harvard were admitted because of illegal racial preferences in admissions according to a brief just filed by the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice filed the brief in a federal lawsuit filed by Students For Fair Admissions. It says Harvard’s race-based admissions process violates federal law. Every employer is going to be looking at your diploma and wondering if you were part of the 45%. Which is a pretty nasty burden to throw onto the talented 55% who got in on merit alone. Everywhere they go, they’ll be suspected of not being Harvard material but for the color of their skin. Make a mistake at work? It’s because of the Harvard affirmative-action advantage. What an ugly thing to have to worry about for the rest of your life, solely because you are black or Latino. It’s the typically lefty good intentions and virtue-signaling that in the real world does blacks and Latinos absolutely no favors.


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