Harvard Musical Sings Praise for Gay Judas Who Seduces Jesus

Harvard University’s Agassiz Theater this week debuted a “heretical gay” biblical-based musical about Judas falling in love with Jesus Christ.

Specifically, The Crimson reports creator Sophie Kim’s play “ISCARIOT” is actually a “gaysian love story” — gay and Asian.

Kim’s website describes the production as “a new interpretation of the Bible canon, and a commentary on race, class, and celebrity culture.” It’s also “pretty much ‘Wicked’ meets ‘High School Musical’ and ‘Jesus Christ Superstar,’” Kim (pictured) told The Crimson.

Written a year ago, the story “reimagines Judas Iscariot as a queer Asian American senior” at a posh Hollywood high school where he and Jesus are chosen as prom kings.

Following the prom selection “shenanigans ensue. There’s a betrayal. There’s a crucifixion.”

“ISCARIOT” Music Director Jennifer Arakaki said she was excited to be part of the production because it shows an “Asian-American character can be in the spotlight and take a hold of their own story.”

Arakaki added that the show “has been a really good lesson about reclaiming the space I deserve and also recognizing my own individuality and not allowing the prophecy of the awkward, middle space that Asian-Americans always take up. Not letting that be my destiny.”


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