Harry and Meghan Try To Stay Relevant by Pushing Covid Fear Agenda


On Friday Prince Harry and Meghan Markle joined a celebrity and world leader call to warn the world that supposedly the “pandemic is not over” as the world enters the third year of living with coronavirus.

The disgraced prince and his controversial wife have added their signatures to a letter from ‘The People’s Vaccine’ – a coronavirus vaccine lobby group – that has called for 70 per cent of the world to be vaccinated by mid-2022, and for vaccines to be provided “to everyone, everywhere”.

The organisation openly states in the letter that they condemn the approach taken so far by world leaders in an effort to tackle coronavirus as “immoral, entirely self-defeating and also an ethical, economic and epidemiological failure”, and instead called for “global solidarity”.

The People’s Vaccine have also highlighted they believe what they call a “failure to vaccinate the world so far is down to self-defeating nationalism, pharmaceutical monopolies and inequality”, which they suggest has unnecessarily prolonged the pandemic.

The conglomerate of organisations and prominent individuals suggested that many of the coronavirus milestones of the last two years such as the “estimated twenty million deaths” could have been somewhat “avoidable” if there was vaccine “equity”. However, they later contradict this message as they simultaneously claim that the “existing vaccines are less effective” against the omicron variant.


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