Harrowing video shows smoke and blood on N train


Intense video captures the moment panicked straphangers burst out of a smoke-filled subway car in Brooklyn Tuesday morning after a gunman donning a gas mask opened fire during the rush hour commute.

The video, taken by a witness in an adjacent car and obtained by The Post, begins as the N train pulls into the 36th Street station in Sunset Park.

As the doors open, terrified passengers bolt for the platform — as smoke billows out behind them.

Several passengers are frantically screaming as one woman can be heard repeating, “there’s a shooting, there’s a shooting.”

After the initial rush of straphangers, a few stumble out slowly, apparently wounded. One man in a grey sweatshirt limps from the train, his arm wrapped around another commuter for support. He looks down at his leg and grunts in pain.

Behind him, another man hops out of the train, also with an apparent leg wound. He stumbles and falls to the platform. A man in a blue coat whose pants are soaked in blood staggers near him before taking a seat on the floor of the platform.


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