Harris-Backed Bail Fund Helped Release Man Who Was Then Arrested for Murder

A man recently arrested for murder had just been released on a domestic-abuse charge with the help of a bail fund hailed by Vice President Kamala Harris.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, Harris seized on the violent race riots through the U.S., urging her 18.8 million Twitter followers to support the Minnesota Freedom Fund “to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota.”

George Howard was arrested Aug. 29 after he allegedly shot Luis Martinez Ortiz, 38, to death in a road rage incident, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported.

The MFF is now acknowledging it has helped the alleged domestic abuser get released, but claiming alleged dangerous criminals have the right to be free awaiting trial, tweeting a statement:

“We are aware of reports of the tragic and fatal shooting in Minneapolis earlier this week allegedly involving George Howard, an individual the Minnesota Freedom Fund had previously provided with bail support.

“MFF believes that every individual who has been arrested by the law enforcement is innocent until proven guilty, and if a judge deems them eligible for bail, they should not have to wait in jail simply because they don’t have the same income or access to resources as others.”

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