Hallie is unmasked as the mystery THIRD Biden family member to receive China cash

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Beau Biden’s widow and Hunter’s ex-wife Hallie Biden is the “new” family business member who received a $25,000 cash payment on March 27, 2017, from family associate Robinson Walker’s LLC regarding a Chinese venture, the House Oversight Committee revealed Thursday.

Walker, who has described himself as someone who “generally [has] been acting as a surrogate for H[unter] around the country and abroad pursuing opportunities,” received a $3 million payment from State Energy HK Limited, which was divvied up between four Biden family members: Hunter, James, Hallie, and an unknown Biden. According to the committee, Hallie is the new member identified who was previously a mystery. There is still an unknown “Biden” in the bank records. No first name is listed for the fourth Biden.

“Hallie is the president’s son’s widow and ex-lover of Hunter. She is also widely reported to be a school counselor. It is unknown why Hallie would receive $25,000 from Walker’s LLC obtained from the family’s Chinese venture with State Energy HK Limited. It is also unknown what services, if any, she rendered for the money,” the committee stated.

It is also unclear who the account holder is for the bank account titled simply, “Biden,” according to the committee.

It is notable that State Energy HK Limited was named by Comer as an entity funneling money to the Bidens. State Energy HK Limited was under the control of Chinese company CEFC China Energy’s chairman, Ye Jianming, and was affiliated with CEFC. Ye, State Energy HK Limited, and CEFC were closely linked to the Chinese Communist Party.