Gunman who shot and killed pro-golfer at GA country club after driving onto a green had 2 other bodies stashed in back of stolen truck – STILL being hunted by cops

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Three men were found shot to death Saturday on the tenth hole of the Pinetree Country Club golf course in Cobb County, Georgia.

Pinetree Country Club golf director Gene Siller was shot to death after he confronted a man who drove a white Ram 3500 truck onto the green Saturday evening, witnesses told WSB-TV. Police found two more bodies in the bed of the truck, one of which was identified as Paul Pierson, the owner of the vehicle.

The gunman has still not been publicly identified by police but he remains on the run two days after shooting dead golf pro Gene Siller, Paul Pierson and one other unnamed victim.

The suspect is still at large and is armed and dangerous, police told Fox 5. Police are currently investigating all three deaths, and have not yet identified the third body.

“I was at the driving range, heard about the truck being on the course so I went to see what was going on,” witness John Lavender told Fox 5. “All of the sudden you hear five, six booms go off.”

Kennesaw State University, located near the golf course, sent out a warning message describing the shooter as “a 6’1”, 170 lb Hispanic male with a darker complexion. Last seen wearing a White T-Shirt, work pants, and possibly a hat.”

Pinetree Country Club canceled their July 4 celebrations out of respect for the Siller family, according to WSB-TV.

“It’s mind-blowing. Growing up here, it’s nothing I would’ve imagined here happening in this city,” Lavender told WSB-TV. “I can’t understand how and why this actually happened.”

“He was a great boss and an even better man,” a country club employee who asked not to be identified told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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