Gulf Cartel Cell Kills Two Americans, Two More Missing in Mexican Border City

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U.S. and Mexican law enforcement confirm that two of four U.S. citizens abducted in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, were killed by a Gulf Cartel cell. Breitbart Texas has confirmed through local authorities the identity of the crime boss responsible for the case. The fates of the other two Americans remain unclear. Breitbart Texas confirmed that both the FBI and Homeland Security Investigations are working with Mexican authorities to locate the missing individuals.

Known in the criminal underworld as “La Kena or Ciclon 19,” Jose Alberto Garcia Vilano is the current Gulf Cartel operational leader in Matamoros. Mexican federal law enforcement sources revealed that La Kena has gunmen running security throughout the city and they would be the ones that shot at the four U.S. citizens. Ultimately, the order to take them would have to be given by La Kena or someone in his inner circle with his approval, the law enforcement source said. Breitbart Texas previously reported on La Kena having been demoted from boss in 2021, however, he has since recovered. It remains unclear how the pressure over the shooting and kidnapping of U.S. citizens will affect his criminal career.