Gulf Cartel Apologizes for Kidnapping, Killing U.S. Citizens — Surrenders 5 Gunmen

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The Matamoros faction of the Gulf Cartel tied up five of their own gunmen Thursday and left them alive near a poster board as an apology for kidnapping and killing U.S. citizens over the past weekend.

Authorities located the five gunmen during pre-dawn hours next to a black pickup in Matamoros. In a handwritten poster, the Scorpions cell of the Gulf Cartel apologized, claiming the gunmen were not acting on orders or with approval from leadership. The Gulf Cartel also apologized for the killing of an innocent bystander during the violent abduction.

The move comes after days of immense political and police pressure after four U.S. citizens from South Carolina went missing last week. The gunmen were able to chase the victims in their vehicle, shoot at, and kidnap them without any interference from police or military forces.