GUILTY verdicts for 3 men charged in murder of Ahmaud Arbery

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WSB-TV – Brunswick Georgia:

A jury has brought back guilty verdicts for all three men charged in the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick, Georgia in 2020.

Travis McMichael was found guilty on all counts including malice murder and felony murder. Greg McMichael and Roddie Bryan were found guilty of felony murder and other charges.

Father and son Greg and Travis McMichael grabbed guns and chased Arbery in a pickup truck after spotting him running through their Satilla Shores subdivision on Feb. 23, 2020. Neighbor, Bryan, joined and recorded the video of Travis McMichael opening fire as Arbery threw punches and grabbed for his shotgun.

No one was charged in the killing until Bryan’s video leaked and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation took over the case from local police. All three men are charged with murder and other offenses.

Defense attorneys said the men suspected Arbery had burglarized a house under construction and intended to hold him until police arrived. Security cameras recorded Arbery inside the house five times, but none of the videos showed him stealing or damaging anything.

Bryan recorded Travis McMichael standing with a shotgun outside the driver’s side door of his idling truck when Arbery approached on foot, then ran around the passenger side. They met in front of the truck, which blocked the camera’s view, when Travis McMichael fired the first of three shotgun blasts.

The video shows Arbery punching him and grabbing for the gun as two more shots are fired, then Arbery turns to try to run again before falling face down in the street.

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