Group Beats Man in Middle of Street in Chicago  

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A group reportedly knocked a man down in Lincoln Park, Chicago, as bystanders watched on Friday evening. According to CWB Chicago, a clip showed a man shouting at a group across Clark Street, telling them to “run up” to him, the outlet reported Friday. The man then said, “I got the pole on me, b*tch.” According to the website, “pole” is a word used to describe a gun. Law enforcement received several reports about a group of teenagers attacking a man. However, officers were unable to locate the victim and witnesses claimed the group walked into the park. Video footage appeared to show three young men beating the older man while one wearing grey pants kicked him in the head and then hit him again as traffic sped past. The younger person fled moments before the older man got up off the pavement. In February, approximately 75 percent of voters believed defunding police was a “major” or “minor” reason for the increasing violent crime across the nation, a Morning Consult/Politico poll showed.

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