WATCH (WARNING!) Deadly UberEats carjacking by teen girls

The New York Post:

Harrowing new details emerged Thursday about how an UberEats driver was killed when two stun gun-wielding teen girls allegedly carjacked his vehicle in Washington, DC.

The girls, ages 15 and 13, remained in custody and are facing murder charges over the Tuesday death of Mohammad Anwar, 66 — a dad of three who had immigrated from Pakistan in 2014 “to build a better life for himself and his family,” according to his family.

WARNING – This is disturbingNobody goes to his assistance. WHAT IS OUR WORLD COMING TO?

One of the girls allegedly told Metropolitan Police officers that they both set out with at least one stun gun specifically to steal a car that day, the Washington Post said, citing court testimony from homicide unit Detective Chad Leo.

The older girl is from Fort Washington, Maryland, and the younger from Southeast DC, a local ABC affiliate reported.

Why they allegedly targeted Anwar remained unclear, but the girls got into his car at the Navy Yard Metro station as he made deliveries around 4:30 p.m., Leo said.

Anwar drove with them a short distance to Nationals Park, where witnesses and surveillance video show the dark Honda pull over and an argument and struggle ensuing between the girls and the man, the outlet reported.

Police believe Anwar had partially left the car and was wedged between the door and the driver’s seat as the teenagers allegedly put the vehicle in gear. It lurched forward with Anwar still hanging from it, officials said.

Anwar was fatally flung from the car as it turned right onto N Street SE, officials said. The car then rolled over on its side and crashed into two parked cars, officials said.

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