Grisly moment cops discover Wall Street escort’s body stuffed in barrel

The New York Post:

Footage has emerged of the gruesome moment police found the naked body of an escort stuffed into a 55-gallon barrel that was dumped in New Jersey.

Aerial video shot by CBS 2 News shows cops surrounding the large plastic container after a horrendous odor led residents to discover the barrel turned coffin on a sidewalk in Ridgefield Park last week.

At least five officers could be seen inspecting the barrel that was later determined to hold the remains of 42-year-old high-end escort Nicole Flanagan.

Police were first alerted to the barrel on Aug. 13 after residents noticed the foul smell coming from it.

“It’s so scary to know that somebody just stuffed somebody in a barrel, like they are nothing. It’s so scary. That’s really brutal,” one resident told CBS 2 News. “I hope they caught whoever it was because I don’t want to have to look over my shoulder. I want my kids to be able to play outside.”

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